What Is Vestibular Rehabilitation and How Can It Help a Concussion?

A physical therapist will offer vestibular rehab whenever the vestibular system has sustained damage. This important set of signals is what regulates our balance and spatial orientation, and, as you can imagine, a concussion can have a major impact on how that system functions. We’ll look at how physical therapy works to retrain the senses after head trauma.

The Exercises of Vestibular Rehab
A physical therapist in Flagstaff, AZ is ultimately hoping to give patients back as much mobility as they can. Their approach may start with stabilizing the gaze, allowing patients to keep their focus while moving so they’re more likely to get back on their feet. They’ll also try to habituate the patient, which can help temper the reaction to stimuli. So if the lights turn on or the person makes a sharp turn of the head, they’re not left seeing stars.

Rehab exercises will also help a person get back on their feet, improving the balance and endurance of the patient so they build back their coordination one day at a time. Concussions can range widely in severity, but a physical therapist is also trained to work with a wide range of symptoms. Whether the patient is experiencing dizziness, fatigue, or light sensitivity, a physical therapist can make a real difference in the quality of life for a concussed patient.

If you’re wondering how long it takes for vestibular rehab to work for a concussion, you should know that some patients experience some degree of relief after just a session or two. However, most rehab programs will typically take more than a month to feel the full effects.

Concussion Therapy in Flagstaff, AZ
Head trauma can mess more than just general sense of balance. If you’re struggling with ongoing discomfort, it’s important to work with a staff that knows what you’re going through. If you’re looking for experts in concussion management in Flagstaff, AZ, whether it’s for you or someone you love, the staff at Base Camp Physical Therapy and Performance can tell you more about these programs. The good news is that you’ll find a staff that’s as caring as they are qualified to help stay on top of the symptoms.